Home Automation with ZigBee and GNU/Linux

A friend of mine and I have designed and built a wireless box, which can be used to turn on/off any electrical device at home, office, factory, etc. through a program or internet.

The wireless connection between the box and the controlling computer is performed by ZigBee. The computer is connected to internet and a web application allows to access the box from the web.

The current implementation has the computer running Slackware and the web application written in Java.

In order to test this system, you can go here: http://dimingo.homelinux.com:8080/zsocket

The box is currently attached to a LED lamp located in my lab. You can see the lamp turning on/off, by using my webcam widgets:
– Opera: http://widgets.opera.com/widget/6455
– Yahoo: http://widgets.yahoo.com/gallery/view.php?widget=41802

The lamp application is simple, but this wireless system can have a lot of very useful applications.