How to compile driver for dm9601,com_kunena/Itemid,232/catid,28/func,view/id,42543/

It works on slackware64 13.37 by adding the following lines to the original file dm9601.c

USB_DEVICE(0×0fe6, 0×9700),
.driver_info = (unsigned long)&dm9601_info,


##     Davicom Semiconductor Inc.       For DM9601 V0.00
##   ——————————————————–
## Description:
##              Compile driver dm9601.c to dm9601.o
## Modification List:
## 09/05/2000   Fixed SMPFALGS wrong on smp & smp_mod
## 08/02/2000   Changed some description string & include file path
## 07/25/2000   Append smp_mod and changed some descriptions
## 01/25/2000   by Sten Wang
# Comment/uncomment the following line to disable/enable debugging
#DEBUG = y

# Add your debugging flag (or not) to CFLAGS
ifeq ($(DEBUG),y)
DEBFLAGS = -O -g # “-O” is needed to expand inlines


# call from kernel build system

obj-m   := dm9601.o


KERNELDIR ?= /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build
PWD       := $(shell pwd)

$(MAKE) -C $(KERNELDIR) M=$(PWD) LDDINCDIR=$(PWD)/../include modules


rm -rf *.o *~ core .depend .*.cmd *.ko *.mod.c .tmp_versions

depend .depend dep:
$(CC) $(EXTRA_CFLAGS) -M *.c > .depend

ifeq (.depend,$(wildcard .depend))
include .depend


One thought on “How to compile driver for dm9601

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